Musings of a mosquito-infested night

Yesterday night as I was being bombarded by a contingent of mosquitoes that invade my room every night, my mind wandered to certain incidents in my life, incidents when I found myself wishing I could wave a wand and undo everything or simply disappear from the face of the earth.

1. Like when I had convinced a friend that he was a nitwit. We were
talking about Egypt. He said it was in Africa. I gasped at his foolishness and said, "O my god! What's wrong with you?" Anxiously he
asked me what was wrong with that. I replied, "Well, it's in the Middle East. For god's sake, don't reveal your ignorance to others." Well, I took a peek at the Atlas and I was foolish enought to call him up and admit my ignorance. Till this day my friend doesn't lose a chance of rubbing it in.

2. Last year I had gone on a junket to Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. The PR person took us around to show the local attractions. There was a temple high up in the mountains called Jakhni Mata Ka Mandir. Now when I reached there, I saw these rows of big and small trishuls (tridents). I lifted one and sidled back to the vehicle with it. I was very happy about it. Don't ask me why. The adrenaline was flowing high. The PR guy told me,"If ever you want to get rid of it, call me. We have a temple at home where we will put it." I pooh poohed him and came back to Delhi only to see my flatmates shocked at the sight of it and warning me that it would bring bad luck. They made a deal. I had to keep it in my room. I was ok with that.

But as I relaxed in my room and read a book, I just couldn't take my
eyes away from it. It was thoroughly freaking out. By night, it was out on the balcony. And the next day I called up the PR guy and almost begged him to pick it up from my place. He obviously had a good laugh. Whenever he calls me, even now, he reminds me of it.

3. While I was studying in Delhi, I went back home for the holidays. I went to the library room (the exclusivity of visiting this room is mine, or so I thought) and checked to see if all was in place. It was not. My mother had very conscientiously dusted my books. Nothing was in its place. That's one thing I just cannot bear.

The absence of one thing was particularly conspicuous - a photo frame that displayed the smiling face of a crush of mine (I think of it now and cringe in embarrassment). This meant it was in the safe custody of my mother (In the past, when I was a kid, she would catch me sneaking Enid Blytons and later MBs into the bathroom, where I would spend hours with them. Those books were confiscated by her and gone forever beacuse it was eating into study time).

At night the same day, when I sat down for dinner, my mother looked at me with a suspiciously naughty glint in her eye and said, "Not a badlooking guy at all." I put on the most innocence face I could pull off. But I guess it wasn't good enough.

4. I think this was the worst. I had gone for an interview with tennis player Vijay Amritraj. He was talking about a soap that he had acted in and which ran on the lines of The Police Academy. "Have you watched Police Academy?" he asked. I said: "No. Actually I am not into action." In a matter-of-fact manner he told me: "Well, it happens to be a comedy."


motheater said...

i can't believe you've blogged about all these!!! though I could probably add a few more to your list :-) but i must say, the trishul episode was the most bpainful, at least for your long-suffering flatmates :-)

AB said...

motheater: Yeah I guess I do have an adventurous streak hidden somewhere;) Don't worry, I won't let my future fiance take a look at these:)

Jay said...

At least you didn't say "Yes, I LOVE action films!" in the interview. Now that would have been excruciating.

Crazy about you said...

You write really well..ive got thru ur blog over n over again..n u seem like a really interesting person..id stop short of saying that im falling for u..

but alas know that i dont stand a chance..i dont have a car :-(

Amy said...

i can add a few more to this list as well......remember when your dad found the neatly written "shomash nirnoy" which was drying on your desk after being washed in the pocket of your school uniform?hahahahaha....things were always entertaining around you! i can name a lot more but i won't ;-) sooo....do i know this crush you're talking about?

motheater said...

hahahahahaha now i have to know who's crazy about you!!!!!!! I'd buy him a car just to let him take you off your hands (kidding goru :-) you know that!)

AB said...

Jay: That would have been the nail in the coffin.

Amy: Yeah I dont know how I missed out on that one. Now I think the Vijay Amritraj one was not the worst. That shomash incident anyday takes the cake. Gosh I remember even to this day my dad slapping me after finding it. I think you know about this crush.

crazy: I'm curious.

motheater: Bitch!;)

crazy about you said...

curious about what? does it mater at all how fascinated i am bt u..what matters is i dun have a car :-(...
someday i will have one but ull still be curious..

Mangs said...

ooooooo stalker!!! what fun!
and dont worry the other day i wrote about a painter who had prints from egypt AND africa :p
(despite knowing the diff!)

AB said...

mangs: So I am not the only one:)

Mangs said...

MOTHEATER'S BEEN SPILLING BEANS!! wait till i get to her. just wait.