Hunky dudes and disenchantment

Met Milind Soman at this fashion show yesterday. I have to say at the risk of sounding like a callow teenager that I was absolutely in love with him. But that was before I saw him making a fool of himself. While my eyes were only on Soman, he had eyes trained on the ramp for every other woman.

Moreover the dude was oh-so-drunk. Kept hugging Boman Irani and dancing for the sake of the TV cameras.

To my astonishment Aman Varma was there. The 'sting'ed guy had to rake up the controversy thanking the audience for their 'support'??? Now what was that. Am as clueless. I actually wanted to go upto him and identify myself as Ruchi from dash newspaper. And a friend, a fellow journo wanted to do the same only with the name of her newspaper. I wish we had the time to do it. His reaction would
have been worth watching.

The clincher of the evening was something I overheard. A girl asking this short guy, clearly a gay, "Found any cute guys yet?" Felt a weird connection with him. After all, we share a common cause;)

Have to go back to my story. Gosh it's a 1000-word one and my deadline's tom. God save me!

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