I wish I knew…

What I want to do – spend time in a farm learing how to churn natural cheese, set up a shack by the beach, sell chocolate and churros in mini skirts and plaid apron, collect wild flowers and sell them in a quaint flower boutique up in the hills, train to be a professional yoga instructor, or just continue doing what I do best, catch power naps every now and then.

Whether I believe in God.

Why is it so important to live in the past. Isn’t it we who determine in what tiny ways it should live and for how long?

Does it hurt to listen to reason?

When I shall get that next ride in one of my most favourite rides since childhood – the ferris wheel. Feel the wind in my hair and the exhilaration in my being.

If I would get to tie the knot the way I want to.

Do we believe what we choose to believe or what is in front of us?

Does the world conspire to make you happy or sad or does it give you shots at both and keep you yearning for more happiness and more happiness till it seems there is nothing left but to drown in that feeling?

How to make you understand without having to say it loud every time.

Is this is IT?

When all this waiting shall end. It seems to be lasting what seems like eternity.

Do you often think like I do?