Who says it doesn't get dark?

I have always wondered what it feels like to fly. My curiosity was sated yesterday.

It happened thus. I was walking down a road in Defence Colony while returning from my gym. I was trying to plug in my headphones, when suddenly a hand shot out from a bike and snatched at my bag. And because they were passing by at quite some speed, I flew in to the middle of the road and fell on my back.

Some labourers working at a construction site opposite came running and asked whether I was okay. By that time, I was up. It was numbing, so that I couldn't even say anything. All I could do was shake my head and just walk on.

Two or three yards away, there were these cops standing by a picket. The irony of it -- they had a bike on them (which they could have kickstarted by the time it happened and caught those guys). What did they ask me? "What happened?" To which I replied cuttingly (as much as I could between tears welling up and making them appear all blurred), "Didn't you see what happened?" Cop: "Did you note down the number of the vehicle?" While I felt like replying that I was busy falling, to see even the guys on the bike or the number, I pointed out to their bike and said: "You could have gone after them." Cop: "The rascals ran away."

The kind of conversation that can only make you feel more helpless and ridiculous. So I got away as fast as I could.

Now of course I am sitting with multiple bruises. Last night all I could do was cry and feel incredibly helpless. Today I have decided to do something about it. Call up the DCP and complain. For whatever it is worth, nothing might come out of it, but at least I wiill have done something.


Didn't I tell you everything is possible in this deja vu?

The humidity is killing. It rains for some time and, well, everything stays the same. But then have you looked, really looked I mean, at the sky especially as the sun sets. As the rays light up the contours of a streak of cloud. Along with the puffy little clouds floating past on a rather azure blue sky. The effect is of gazing at a watercolour work. At times when I am gazing at such a sky, I feel like going somewhere. Don't know where though. I think if ever one was to grant me my wish of travelling, I would be torn between the places I have already been to and those I have not.

A friend has to do a monsoon story, you know, one of those typical things where you have to ask celebrities what they would like to do on a rainy day. So I gave her my opinion (which she really didn't need I guess) of what I would like to do. Sit on the box seat of a bay window looking on to lush greenery and the sea in the distance while sipping on a mug of creamy cappuccino and snuggling into my guy *sigh*

What would you like to do on a rainy day? Assuming that you are not working or rushing somewhere. Imagine an ideal setting.