Who says it doesn't get dark?

I have always wondered what it feels like to fly. My curiosity was sated yesterday.

It happened thus. I was walking down a road in Defence Colony while returning from my gym. I was trying to plug in my headphones, when suddenly a hand shot out from a bike and snatched at my bag. And because they were passing by at quite some speed, I flew in to the middle of the road and fell on my back.

Some labourers working at a construction site opposite came running and asked whether I was okay. By that time, I was up. It was numbing, so that I couldn't even say anything. All I could do was shake my head and just walk on.

Two or three yards away, there were these cops standing by a picket. The irony of it -- they had a bike on them (which they could have kickstarted by the time it happened and caught those guys). What did they ask me? "What happened?" To which I replied cuttingly (as much as I could between tears welling up and making them appear all blurred), "Didn't you see what happened?" Cop: "Did you note down the number of the vehicle?" While I felt like replying that I was busy falling, to see even the guys on the bike or the number, I pointed out to their bike and said: "You could have gone after them." Cop: "The rascals ran away."

The kind of conversation that can only make you feel more helpless and ridiculous. So I got away as fast as I could.

Now of course I am sitting with multiple bruises. Last night all I could do was cry and feel incredibly helpless. Today I have decided to do something about it. Call up the DCP and complain. For whatever it is worth, nothing might come out of it, but at least I wiill have done something.


Sonia said...

OMG! i wonder why these kinda things keep happening to you.

Are you okay? they didn't get your bag did they? be careful girl.
and good luck with the comaplaint thing.

Rachna said...

Do call. Its awful to feel so helpless.

sinusoidally said...

Sorry AB that happened to you. I feel your frustration. Do write about what came out of it. Feel better.

AB said...

Sonia: I wonder about the same. Which is why I have been wallowing in self pity of late.

But my bag didn't leave me:)

Rachna: I have. I have. Only I wonder whether anything shall come out of it. If not, I am going to bug him till he arranges for a PCR on the road.

Sines: Well, I did call the DCP. And ate his head:) But he sounded so singularly unimpressive. He just said he would look into it.

First Rain said...

OMG! Hope ur ok!

Learn a bit of kick boxing or something and kick their ass the next time some tries to pull a fast one on you.

AB said...

First Rain: Yeah I am fine. Well, nothing in the world could help when someone is passing you by on a bike or a car for that matter you know.

Menagerie said...

That's seriously dumb! Those cops should get one tight slap!

Good luck with the complaint!

Toe Knee said...

hey, didya make it 2 Osian's

CrazyDiamond said...

damn cops!! damn DCP...at least you gave him hell. And your bags safe with you too. And you got to fly. Bright sides!

soumya mukerji said...

Sad... and shocking. Scares me that we live in such a city.

Stone said...

Did u tell DCP about cop's indifferent(read stupid) attitude and inaction?

AB said...

menagerie: It's the lack of a sense of humanity. Slapping wouldn't help I guess except taking away a bit of my own angst and feeling of helplessness.

toe knee: Yes I finally did go for a film. Via Darjeeling. Quite a bad film actually.

crazydiamond: Yeah yeah I got to fly. If I have to insist on seeing the 'bright side':0)

soumya mukherji: It does, no? But you really cannot help it.

stone: Oh yes I did. he just mumbled out, "I will look in to it definitely". But I can vouch for this that nothing was done. Who was I after all? Just an ordinary citizen out on the roads.

Sophie said...

me first time here

i just wanna say..let it not happen again...there is no use blaming the cops or the DCP...they wont change....

its you who has to be cautious!

Dee said...
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