Here's to good times!

Life is strange. It does funny things to you. If it lands a slap on your face, it kind of makes it up for it by making you go places. If it makes you work hard, it makes you smile too. And the happiness kind of makes up for the sadness.

And literally I did get slapped. It happened while I was in the metro station crossing a bridge to catch the metro towards my home. A guy passing me by molested me. I turned back and said, "What exactly are you upto?" The insolent look he passed me just had me fired up. And before I could think, I had slapped him. The next moment I felt a resounding slap on my cheek and I fell down. When I got up, I was trembling from anger and disbelief. I wanted to take him to the police. But he was too strong for me. I actually tugged at him.

Slowly people started stopping. And then from ones and twos a sizeable crowd gathered around me. Out of which a woman came and advised me, "Let them go. You are only making a scene of yourself." A man came up and said, "You slap this guy. Come." I was horrified. It was as helpless as one can get. Taking advantage of the crowd who were standing around doing nothing, basically enjoying the scene of a girl trying to take a guy to the cops, the guy ran away.

For four days I couldn't get out of it. Fat tears kept rolling down all the while. And just like that, on the fifth day, I snapped out of it. Why let a louse ruin my peace of mind after all.

Well, a friend then said that something good will happen to you. Like a junket will come your way.

And voila. It has. A junket has come my way. So on Wednesday I fly to Sri Lanka.

Though I must say I have been getting nightmares that the Tamil Tigers will probably get to know about the Indian tourists who have been put up in X hotel and take us hostage. Or that we will get bombed during our shopping or sightseeing expeditions!

I am sincerely hoping none of the above will come true.


Tushar said...

i pity tht guy
those who cant respect a woman
will nvr be able to suceed in life
not even God is going to help them
and more pities for tht crowd
because if thier children God forbid
are in such a situation
they will anguish the crowds.
i remebred a line somehwere i heard
related to ur post
life is like a circle
now its bad then its good and the circle moves on.
God bless you

Sonal said...

Oh my God sweetie....that sounds horrible! Sending hugs your way and hoping your stay in SL is all happy happy and carefree! Take lots of pics and enjoyyyy!

Saltwater Blues said...

... maybe you should just get out of that damn city.

Enjoy yourself in Sri Lanka. Where will you be at - Bentota Beach?

Tk care.

First Rain said...

Shucks! Hope you are ok now.

Take care n have fun in SL.

AB said...

Tushar: Hey thanks.

Sonal: Yeah, I will post those pix too. How are you between?

SwB: I know. Of late I have been finding the city's inhabitants toxic.

Yes it is Bentota beach the first two days or so. Then we move around I guess.

First Rain: I will. Thanks. Hope you are fine.

sinusoidally said...

Hey AB, I am so sorry that happened to you. I was going to say that lately you have been mentioning such incidents a lot but then I remembered you live in Delhi, you probably are mentioning only a few.

Well I hope you can wash off the bad memories in Sri Lanka and enjoy a bit. What is a junket? Oh oh did you see my wedding pictures on the blog? :-)

Tushar said...

Am back!!!
loved your blog
jotted some lines about it on my blogs
do take out time and chke it out
here is the link
Thank you

Pri said...

thts a crappy outlook on the part of the ppl ...they shud have bashed him up instead...its really sad our society dosent do nethin about it. street harrassment has always been a threat thanks to this so-called society.
neways have a nice trip...
enjoy urself!:)

Penny Lane said...

Oh god... that sounds terrible... why does shit like this keep happening to you? Delhi is full of loser men!! Well, I guess India is full of loser men. Anyway, hope you had a good time in Sri Lanka... back yet?

AB said...

Tushar: I did check out your 'review'. Thanks:0)

Sines: Hiya! A junket is a trip sponsored by the company which wants you to mention them in the story that you will be doing. This time it was the Sri Lankan Tourism. Wait I have got to check them out now. I was wondering cause I didn't see it in your recent posts.

Pri: *Sigh* Thus we suffer.

Penny Lane: I know I know. I wonder why too. And I am at a loss for words each time such a thing happens. Yep back from SL.

Toe Knee said...

Hope you will be writing about the incident to Blank Noise.

So off on a Lankan holiday, huh?

AB said...

Toe knee: Back from Lankan holiday. Next week going back home. So feeling on top of the world:)

TinTin said...

you have nice expression in your posts!

Gaurav said...

suckz..the kind of people we have in delhi..really suck..

wish you tonnes of luck and junket, take care

Anki said...

ok i just read the latest two posts...n i m kinda depressed
the worst of delhi seems to hit u
hope the tamil tigers arent as bas as they sound

take care!!

Toe Knee said...

Goa beckons - you coming???

Penny Lane said...

Come visit my blog... I've reopened commenting :-)

AB said...

Tintin: Thanks:)

Gaurav: Thank you too!

Anki: I know. The worst in delhi has always seemed to find a way to get to me!

Toe knee: Oh. In Calcutta. When is it?

Penny Lane: Here I come...

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