Finally I join the millions out there

My inspirations: motheater, jay and em.

I really can't believe I have given in to blogging. S says I probably shouldn't be writing about work. But my life oscillates mainly between work and home. Notice the word 'mainly'. That's a blatant attempt at trying to salvage my reputation.

Let me introduce myself. Am a single female living in a big bag city with my flatmates S and E. I report on lifestyle for a newspaper daily. Everyday I pray fervently for a car. They say if you pray really hard so that the prayer becomes you, your wish has to come true (that's what my prof once said). Well, it hasn't for me.

Why I call Delhi a big bad city?

Big - have lived most of my life in Cal. So coming from there, you would forgive me for thinking so.

Bad -
a. the autowallas. Nothing can beat their natural tendency to thug you. Like yesterday this autowalla quoted Rs 30 for a five-minute drive which hardly takes Rs 10. After we had settled down at Rs 15 and I had plonked myself in the auto, he had the gall to ask for Rs 20. "Itna to banta hi hai madam," he said in rather injured tones. Me: "Ok, lets drive to the police chowki." Call it my magic touch or crappy mood. It shut him up properly.

b. our landlords. The last one treated us like shitballs when we were moving out. And the present one is a dodo. He just doesn't have any sense! Also the way these people rent out their houses is something I just can't stomach. In our new house, it's a discovery every morning - fan refusing to work, shower refusing to spew water, window refusing to close and walls peeling off (the last is ew... it
looks diseased).

Called up S a dozen times trying to find out how to activate my blog. First she was eating, then she was taking a bath. Well, serves you right S for urging me to start a blog;) Now she's opening it for me. I guess SB (it's nt u S) was right. I am technologically challenged.


motheater said...

hahahahaha you are too funny :-)

Keep up the good work n let me add i like you much better on blogger than in life :-) KIDDING (before you say "Bitch!")

Pareshaan said...

Ms. B...Bradshaw is it?
I recant my earlier comment. I should have read more of your blog before commenting.
Your blog is fine and I fully sympathize with you. Moving to a new city, is always hard.
And moving from Calcutta to Delhi must have been a real shocker.
Hope you get yourself a nice guy, car and farmhouse very soon.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »