What must it feel like to own your own private jet? Or to marry someone who owns one.(E says if you can't have it, marry into it). I guess the right person to ask is Ritu Beri. The other day I went to cover the launch of Ritu Beri's latest collection. The farmhouse I presumed was hers. Actually it was hers (I learnt later). I couldn't take my eyes off this tomato red Mustang parked at the entrance. I am a sucker for any vintage item on four-wheels, so I really couldn't help going gaga about it for the next few hours.

Now that reminds me of hotelier Tarun Thakral. He owns 18 vintage cars! Everything from a Mustang, a Sedan, an Austin and a Buick to a
Chevrolet. Imagine my feelings as I saw row after row of vintage cars
standing to attention in his car shed. Shining clean and ready to roll out. The man even has a train house at his farmhouse. It is a luxury train compartment which the maharajas used to travel in. I have never thought of such a novel concept. Really, what money can't do!

But then that's destiny for you. E and I were talking about a friend
yesterday. The friend has always had a boyfriend with a small car.
Fixated as we are about cars, we couldn't help thinking about the four-wheeler aspect more than the guy. I told E, "Well, you know I would like somebody with a bigger car." She burst out laughing and pointed out the ultimate irony of our lives. No guys. No cars. Our only consolation: God has something really good in store for us.

And look at this way - if I can be away from home for three years living with friends, chat with a murderer in a jail, rub shoulders with a Chhota Shakeel convict in the train, hobnob with Pocketbaba (a scary fakir I met in a dargah), be forced to eat a concoction made of pearls by a descendant of Hakim Ajmal Khan, meet Shahrukh Khan, why not believe that destiny can take me anywhere.


sesame said...

Came to your blog via motheater. Just thought I'd say, nice effort, and keep up the good work:-) As a reader of blogs from around the world, if I might offer a few words of advice, your blog is too localised to make sense to readers outside of India who would have never heard of tarun tejpal or milind soman. One way out would be to give links to bios whereever required. Also, the acronyms for yourself as well as your friends are a bit of a putoff. Mebbe, you could come up with some pseudonyms. And finally, if you have a digicam, mebbe you could get yourself a fotolog and link it to your blog. Many of us would like to see and then decide whether to agree with your thesis that beauty is inversly proportional to brains:-)You could check out one of my fav blogs http://anna.typepad.com for a working demo

motheater said...

hmmmm... the friend in the third paragraph wouldnt be me, would it???

AB said...

Hi Sesame. Thanks. When I started it was more as a kinda vent to my feelings. So I didn't think of other people reading it. Do I know you?

I will definitely go through the blog you have talked about. Only I am technically challenged so I dont know whether I would be able to put pix. Actually I would have to buy a handycam first:)

Amy said...

and you keep telling me how boring your life is.....i don't buy it anymore. Speaking of which....guess what happened in my class on tuesday?.....the teacher was droning on about long-term interest rates and banks and so on and so forth when out of nowhere this topless girl walked in out of nowhere and was like "excuse me, u owe me a beer"!! Needless to say the entire class was in shock. After all its not everyday that you see a girl wearing just her panties walk into class....oh ya, she had a weird headdress covering her face too. Then she proceeded to walk to the front and for a split second you think that she's gonna go up to the teacher but then she turned and walked out through the front door!! As soon as she left, the whole class including the teacher, burst out laughing and it took us quite sometime to calm down and continue with our class. Anywayz, thought i'd let you know about the bizarre goings on in my life.

i agree with sesame, u need to put links wherever you are making a reference to ppl or specific stories.....i've been out of the country for way too f#$%ing long.....i don't know half the ppl you are talking about.

Ei khanki, you were supposed to send me pics of you, what happened??

Amy said...

by the way, Subho Naboborsho.....doing anything to celebrate?

AB said...

No. Went for a movie - Shall we dance. I think u should catch it. It's nice. Well, topless girls! What do I say? You do have a happening life;)

Amy said...

wish it was naked hot guys though....that would have been much easier on the eyes ;-)

Anonymous said...

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