Barbeques and burning boots

Chatted for a long time with my colleagues. They have such love stories.

SB would throw barbeque lunches to 'trap' her hubby. "I must have thrown about a 30 barbeques," she laughs. And NH used hang out with her hubby and his bachelor friends. She used to pile on with them on a bike. Once her boots got burnt. She blamed them for everything, but her feet was on the silencer.

Now some serious observations:

1. When I say I am obsessed with the idea of a car, it is inevitable
that when I am on the way to office, I end up looking wishfully at the huge cars drawn up next to my obsequious auto. Those behind the wheel are a study in their own. There are those who slouch and grip the wheel with such seeming intensity that it feels the world would come to an end just any minute. The others are a picture of ease. Life seems like a smooth ride for them, with nowhere to rush to or no one waiting to bark at them in office (presuming they work at all). The ones which make me feel ew are the ones who can't keep their hands on the wheel... I mean they are more engaged in picking their teeth or shoving their fingers up their noses.

2. Never say the truth. Lie unerringly with a fake smile pasted on your face. Otherwise you end up hearing how you are a prototype of the Indian media who don't have any knowledge whatsoever. This is a fallout from my an interview with an author. The first question I was asked,"So how did you find the book?"

I hemmed and hawed and finally let it out. "There is so much of sex that I couldn't get past it." It didn't curry favour with him obviously. And when I pointed out the reviews that had not been particularly favourable, the donkey had the gall to say, "They are just like you. They have not read 500 books of the Indian tradition and make a hash of everything."

3. "You are such a vella!" That's E for you. What had I done to hear
such a thing? Well, I painstakingly sat all evening, missed out on my
quota of soaps, only to set all the channels in a certain order. I did that for more than an hour at a stretch, at the end of which my eyes felt like they would pop out any second. Think about it E, next time you switch on the TV and don't have to scramble for Star Movies!


motheater said...

can't see the picture yet.And I don't see that resolution you've made in point no. 2 ever working out ("Never say the truth"). You'd go into defensive mode and you know what happens to your voice then :-)

motheater said...

ok now i see the picture. quick trip to TSF required I think :-)

AB said...

Yeah I know. Well stop being bitchy. It's not that bad.

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