Haunted by the mango mouth

That said my mouth has Not suddenly become the size or shape of a mango please. It’s these little red things that have shown up around my lips. They are awful (which is an understatement if you ask someone who has to wake up and see red every morning literally...hmmpph). I have suddenly realized that I am pushing 30 and that my hormones have started acting up -- one of my colleagues kindly pointed out the same.

It has to be them effing hormones. I mean nowadays I pick daintily on my mango. Hardly like the greedy little thing I used to be once upon a time when I would sink my teeth into it, work my way to the aanthi (the core), suck on it like my life depended on it and go all messy with the juice dribbling all over.

Gah! It’s disturbing to have a bowl sitting at home beckoning away. Maybe I should have them before I give the mango a slight respite. Hmmm…life is full of tough choices ;)

Now I think I shall run to Khan Market and pick up those lovely toasted multi-grain sandwiches stuffed with chicken ham and egg and devour them while working on a story at home. And sip a pecan-flavoured cappuccino to go with it.

Till tomorrow, love and happiness!


sulagna ™ said...

so be it AB so be it...bring on the sandwiches, if we are touching 30 soon,might as well do it without any hang-ups!!! burrpppp(damn those mangoes)

Friend said...

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AB said...

Sulagna: Oh yes and adding some crisp, golden French fries in too;)

I said...

Picking daintily on the mango also makes us look like *ladies*. That's the only advantage I can see.

Hormones. HMPF.

sulagna ™ said...

hello there...mango lover...calling mango lover...(why does it sound like maango maango maango..jo bhi maango,that old hindi song)

ok i will shut up now!!not making any sense

Toe Knee said...

Didn't know you love mangoes so much. And to think of all the mangoes wasted in the office fruit basket. Fridays are usually mango days.

AB said...

I: I know, harbouring a similar reaction to hormones:(

Sulagna: Ahoy!:)Maango maango beti!:P

Toe knee: Ooooh, M never mentioned that:O