Dark chocolate overdose

So much so that I can feel it still at the base of my throat. Even though it is 70 per cent dark. Grimace.

I am shaken. Or have been since the past 24 hours. Something happened that made me think about a lot of things. How all my life I have been avoiding something and how all your worst fears in life actually come to haunt you. Why do they, you think?

I have also been too much into things. So have decided to lay it less thick. Hope it does help me. Like wondering as to why someone sounds upset about some of the things I said even though they hurt me more than he can imagine. Not that he would understand.

They say if you give respect, you get it in return. Is that true? Wonder...

On a random note felt horribly nostalgic and tearful thinking of a day and a trip years back when I was in my late teens. Yesterday I had been rubbing some Moroccan Rose lotion into my hands at night when I was swamped by memories of my trip to Chandipur on Sea (it's in Orissa) with my parents.

We had checked into a resort kind of a place where there were these basic but beautiful huts. Our hut was strongly redolent of roses. Thereafter we lazed around on the beds soaking in the smell on a hot afternoon, followed by a lunch where they served us veggies with rice and accompanied by fish. Somehow I have never been able to stomach the kind of fish they serve you at coastal areas near Bengal and I remember how much I cribbed that afternoon to my parents.

Oh god I miss them so terribly. We have grown so far away and most of it is my mistake. I missed them more than anything yesterday suddenly when I realised how much they have indulged me in life. Including not being accountable to them or anyone. Not forcing me to confide in them or anything really. They have really let me be. Wonder if the rest of my life will be the same. If people will let me be.

And I miss my parents, the young them, more than anything.


Sonia said...

They did the right thing. By letting you be, you became who you are now.
And you're awesome!

Don't worry.


AB said...

Sonia: Yes I won't deny that I need a few of them. Hugs. And some for you too!:)

I said...

Even if it seems so, you never really go too far away from your parents. Even if you live separately, or grow out of each other emotionally, there is that inexplicable bond that never lets you go out of reach.

And when you think of your people, juts give them a call... if it's possible that is.

backpacker said...

:) awww... if you feel you've grown apart, you can always change that you know. also, i read somewhere that the best thing parents can give their child is roots and wings...
looks like they did :)

sulagna ™ said...

aww Ab i know what enchantign effect gorom bhaat and maach have on one's soul..but boy are we glad to ahve you with us, just the way you are..perfect :) n ohh glad to see you bloggin frequently now..

AB said...

I: I know. I guess that's the thing to keep us going. The thought that we can never go out of reach.

backpacker: Madame G! I couldn't have done without them. And roots and wings at one go? Lovely thought:)

Sulagna: Aww thanks, I am touched:)

Sukhdeepak said...

You are always with them. Whether you are not physically but emotionally you are with them. No matter how far you live from your parents you will always be with them.