Making a return...

What do you do when money keeps flowing out like there's no tomorrow. And tomorrow, when it comes, you will be scrounging around for the pennies.

I can see it happening to me.

And I seem to be helpless to put a hold on anything. Well last week, I probably need not have
bought the three saris that I fell in love with at Nalli's. But I did buy them. Then today I visited a dermatologist for some relief from a particularly irritating lip drying problem. Doctor's advise: Do not let saliva touch your lips (essentially no lip smacking or smooching!) To boot that, it came with expensive medicines.

I am hopelessly broke.

So any one looking to help out a damsel in distress, feel welcome:)

Because she has plans up her sleeve. Travel plans to Lithuania, Egypt, Turkey and Greece. For which she needs to save like lots of rupees*sigh* Living is so

The aforesaid travel plans have been fuelled by this one perfect holiday I had in Goa a month back. I happened to travel with a girl friend who is quite chilled out and likes to do all kinds of crazy things. So I ended up having the time of my life parasailing, driving all around Vagator and losing our way of course in the narrow winding alleys, lunching in Fort Aguada (which is a must really), rolling joints, dancing all night with extremely cute French strangers in discs and garnering up the courage to give vent to my vocal skills in karaoke bars.

Let me mention this particular bar that we took a fancy to. Cocktails & Dreams in Baga right beside Tito's. We used to frequent it every night (the bartenders knew us as the Delhi Girls). We fell in love with this cocktail called Mr Mesh -- quite a concoction with chillies and Tabasco spicing it up.

If life is lived in moments, then I did have my moments.

A memory that makes me feel all catlike -- an evening in Baga when I sat on the beach, gorging on a chocolate eclair from Mambo's patisserie. I am used to eclairs that have just cream to offer. This one was sheer poetry. It was stuffed with gooey chocolate that oozed out of the sides as I bit into it leisurely and as the sea breeze ruffled my hair, I knew nothing but bliss.

Another was a chance meeting with the French stranger from St. Tropez. As a friend of mine claims, nowadays, all desirable men are either gay, married or they are young. This one was young too. He was just 21, but danced like a dream (and kissed well too). However when he hopped into my friend's car to come with us to the next bar that we were heading to, my friend lost his cool and started badmouthing him. I was a bit taken aback for this friend is a Brit and doesn't usually mind hanging out with strangers as he and his housemate have both confessed to me.

Even in my drunk stupor I was squirming with embarrassment. Poor guy was quite bewildered. But I am glad he still came with us. The third time however he decided to let go because my friend just pointedly ignored his questions as to where we were heading next. So he kissed my hand ala Frenchmen and I left. It was, as has been aptly put by former flatmate S, "like fleeting ships passing by in the night".

Oh, it takes my mind away from all petty problems and just makes me grin like a chesire cat.


Toe Knee said...

Looks like you had quite the Goan holiday. And as usual, I repeat the phrase 'Welcome back to blogging'.

Sonia said...

btw, lemme know when you plan the greece thing.

AB said...

Toe knee: :D oh it was brilliant!

Sonia: Oh sure. Why you want to come? But I know you won't! Gah!