Happy days are here!

My Brit friend SD from Goa certainly brings good times along with him. The dude came down to Delhi for four days. He had already threatened to go Ferragamo shopping here. I had prepared to go into hiding.

But I did not need to. He finally decided to leave brand shopping for his trip back home to
London. But he did haul his other friend AS to go shopping with him for glares. Apparently it was quite a task getting him to pick one. Of course he didn't, because he said none of them was the 'it' glare.

Well, Friday night for us took off at Smokehouse Grill where we ended up in a huge group. There was SD, AS and her friends along with my friend PS. It so happened that another friend of mine was in town and decided to drop in as well with his group of friends. So it was a merry group indeed who got very sloshed when drinks were mixed like crazy. I, of course, overdid it with beer poured into rum n coke and vodka shots and what not. The result: a spinning head, spinning as rapidly as a top, and two hours of sitting in the washroom in an unreal haze.

The next day started off on a note that was not very pleasant. I quite felt like a sick dog at work. All resolves however fell off once I reached The Park at night. To be fair to myself, I did start off with a cranberry juice in Aqua. Then we tripped into Agni and I was seduced by rum n coke. And there I was dancing away merrily into dawn. SD happened to have some friend's friends there who bought us more drinks. They later apparently popped open a bottle of Champagne for him and went off to buy a Rolls Royce!

While friend PS and me drove home in early hours of the morning to catch up with our sleep before we met SD and AS again for a late lunch on Sunday.

As it so happened, sleep was not a sure shot for me. All my own fault so not that I can go into a strop over it. I had switched on the water pump at 5.30 am. At precisely 8 am there was a loud banging on my door. It was my upstairs (very irate) neighbour informing me that the pump had caught fire and got burnt (whisper: I had forgotten to switch off the pump). So there was no water and no electricity!

The entire morning a bleary-eyed AB spent attending to calls from the landlady who is visiting her son in Bangalore. And shelling out four grands to get the pump and electricity wires repaired *SIGH*

Late afternoon me and PS were off to Flavours for a four-hour long brunch with SD and AS. Oh was it long drawn out and relaxing. So we started with chocolate & kahlua smoothies. Our appetizer was a wood-fired juicy pepperoni pizza. After polishing it off, I had to plow through a baked chicken penne while I listened to AS telling me why her neighbours never took to her and her flatmate. AS said with rather a straight face: "First of all, my flatmate is a guy. On top of that, one early morning a friend of mine, a Spanish girl, fell off the balcony on top of the neighbour's car. I think he never recovered from the shock of it."

The conversation was, as you can see, pretty entertaining. PS warmed it up further with our old Times of India stories over a lovely Tiramisu that we all dug into with equal fervour.

The evening finally winded up with a film. The Pakistani film -- Khuda Ke Liye. It is brilliant. Not a film to miss out on for sure...

Now time for me to pop back to file a story!


Toe Knee said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I am having trouble with some of my neighbours too. They insist on holding night-long jagrans every few months with bhajans blaring from loudspeakers in the wee hours. There's gonna be blood on my hands soon. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgh!!!

AB said...

Toe knee: I can imagine. I have that bugging me as well! There are so many of them in the park behind my house that I feel like strangulating all of them!

Candid Confessions said...

Wow! looks like a lot of fun! I have heard about flavours! And Khuda ke liye - I am certainly going to watch! Thanks for the update.. One more person saying that makes it that much more credible!

AB said...

Candid Confessions: So have you watched it?:)

mad angles said...

Oh yes I really should watch Khuda Ke Liye, you're the third person recommending it..

I heard about the party-fest from PS :)

mad angles said...
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AB said...

Mad angles: I knew you would. No doubt about that:-)