Holy smoke!

It's 6.45 am. I am walking on the treadmill trying not to feel sleepy. I am the only person in the gym. Till a plump guy walks in and steps on the next treadmill. "Are you A?" he asks. "I just checked the register and realised it has to be you?" The awe in his voice being quite apparent.

"Uh, yes," I reply a bit cautiously.

"What a holy name!" he exclaims. "My day has been made."

"I am not holy at all!" I bite back. Not that he is fazed out in the least.

He starts quizzing me. Till he knows where I come from, what I studied in college, where I put up, how I travel to the gym, how the gym next to my house sucks, etcetera etcetera. Of course I am informed as to how he is so knowledgeable about my name and how he is a follower of Ram Krishna's religion (never knew it existed!) and is extremely spiritual.

After learning that I have been staying in Delhi for six years now and been working for five of them, he assumes I need to get hitched! "So are you looking at catching a guy?" he goes on. "Because it is essential to get married." That is exactly the term he uses - "catch". I don't know whether to laugh or slap him. So I just assume a poky face and keep walking.


Candid Confessions said...

Wow! A stranger asking if you'd like to get hitched! That is way out of the blue.. Boy! People!!

AB said...

Candid confessions: Hey! How have you been? Yes, can you imagine the gall of the guy!

Toe Knee said...

What happened next? Did he quit bothering you after the "poky face"? I hate it when you leave your posts hanging like that.

Divya said...

Hahahahaha now tht seems like so much wishful thinking :D