There's nothing better than a great romance...to ruin a perfectly good friendship

This tagline of Lot Like Love doesn't make sense. For starters there
was never much romatic romance. Like the kind of romance that leaves you in a daze for days on row. And really Ashton Kutcher is too funny to be seriously romantic.

But it is a nice early morning watch before heading for work or when your flatmate (read: partner in watching mushy movies) is leaving for another city.

Between have been subject to a certain teenybopper's perfectly kittenish charms. I have been wondering aloud about it in front of her. But she has taken it in good humour excepting of course for some faux pouts. I guess that's what I like about her (no, not the pouts). But seriously when she started giggling and saying breathlessly to this filmmaker guy, "Oooh I love Johnny Depp!" I did a double take. That, she says is the perfect way to get a guy to open up (no puns intended).

On the parents' front, my mom and dad are interesting to watch (I had forgotten just how amusing it can be). They squabble all their waking hours. Like for example, when dad is relating a ghost story with added effects (the hushed voice, the killing pauses et al), my mom suddenly starts off on one of her matchmaking stories. A day back, he was getting started on one of his favourite ghost stories from college for E's benefit, when my mom popped in from the kitchen and suddenly asked me, "I haven't told you about this good looking guy who called in today to take a look at the flat, have I?" Now that couldn't have but snagged my attention. While my dad looked on with a helpless god-save-us kind of a look and kept shaking his head at the insensitiveness of his listeners.

But I could totally identify with poor dad. The same used to happen to me back home. Dinner time would see me all enthusiastic with my stock of the day's events, gabbling away (mom would often interrupt and ask me to breathe in between), when my bro would say just one line and grab all the attention. I would pout and pout and sulk and sulk and vow never to speak. This happened everyday.

Now I think I should have had what I have now. A blog.


Heretic said...

hehehe, your parents are indeed interesting. Your suitors are in for the added delight of meeting them, eh?

The Poet ruminates often, but the grass has run dry and brown.

Thanks for red carpet; I'm given to rolling over on them and get that wonderful backrub that's not possible on shiny granite floors. :))

eM said...

Oy! No false pouts and I'll have you know Missy, I asked MOST of the questions and if it weren't for me, YOU wouldn't have even talked to him :P
So hah!

Jay said...

This is more in response to your previous post.

It's very, very fascinating for me to hear about your culture of arranged marriages. Coming as I do from Malaysia, where it does happen but not to the newer generation, that's the stuff of (scary) stories.

Sorry to hear that you're being pressured to get married. Believe me when I tell you I know what that's like. At least you - ultimately - DO want to get married.

One way out could be to do as someone suggested - come to London, then do wtf you like. After all, the cover story is that you're supposed to 'work or study'.

Take it at face value, and have some fun. There's no TC here (that's eM's fav watering hole, right?) but we've got a million other places, and a theatre round every corner in the West End.

What do you have to lose? At worst, should you find yourself cold, miserable and working in a McJob, you can always use that return ticket and go home. Nothing's permanent.

And just as I offered motheater once, a long time ago, I'll buy you a coffee when you get here.

Mint Chutney said...

Apparently, I never spoke at the dinner table. My mother said I was a very moody teenager.

P.S. I wholeheartedly agree with Jay. You're only young once!!

Penny Lane said...

A really beautiful romantic romance that leaves you in a daze kinda movie is The Notebook. I'm not a big fun of mushy movies but that one just took my breath away.

@Mint: My parents considered me an extrememly moody teenager as well.

Rat said...

You watch movies before leaving to work ?? What fun.
I wake up just in time to shower and run the hell out of the door.

Vignesh said...

I love that description of eM. Heh. Kittenish charms indeed.

Trust you men, having a precocious kid brother, I know exactly what that feels like.

And if you hadn't said that last line, I would have said it for you.

And not to let Jay beat us all at the game, I should say, ditto for Bangalore. But then again, faymbous others are leaving, so....

AB said...

Heretic: Really am at the end of my tether. But then they are growing old and I feel very sad about that:(

The red carpet's well vacuumed so enjoy the backrub.

eM: Ya admitted babe you asked all of them. But I might have talked to him still (cheesy grin).

Jay: Ya I do want to get married but when somebody forces me to do something, I go around and do exactly the opposite thing. So I see possibilities of me ending up an old frustrated nag (shudders & shivers)

Let's see what I do about the London thing. I don't think I wanna study anymore. And getting work's not that easy there. Plus the relatives are a big turn-off. One set is positively scary you know.

What! Only a cup of coffee. And here I was thinking about exotic Thai dishes.

mint: How could you not talk at the dinner table? Actually I wish I could have done that at least for a day, to make my folks take me more seriously and ask me for the day's stories. Come to think of it now they do and I throw tantrums.

Gosh suddenly realised I must be very difficult!

Penny: (Making a mental note of beautiful romantic romance) have to watch it once we get a tv. But it sounds like a Danielle Steele type. Is it?

Rat: No this day was an exception. It was specially because E is leaving. After this there will be nobody to give me company for mush. S will never allow herself to be dragged to watch one.

As for the rushing-to-office syndrome, it's no different in my case.

Vignesh: Thoroughly kittenish;)

Err I didn't get the last part. The Bangalore one. Though I do know that the famous others are leaving.

motheater said...

"S would never allow herself to be dragged for one"

Since you were as good as gold as the guy-flick K took us to, I may reconsider! We definitely need something to cheer us up now :-)

Amy said...

this is also in response to the previous post. i don't know what the work situation is like in London, but as far as living with relatives is concerned, its not so bad. If they happen to be strict and conservative you simply learn to lead a double live. if you're out late with friends, you are either (a) studying for an exam in the library (if you are in school that is) or (b) working late to meet a deadline for work. hey, it works for me!! It would definitely be an experience for you so i say go for it....and who says you have to get married? if your relatives try to set you up with someone youre not the least bit interested in, i say you start picking your nose in front of the guy and/or develop a nervous tick....that should do the trick!

AB said...

Amy: Ewww....Trust you to come up with such an interesting suggestion

Anonymous said...

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AB said...

Anon: Ahem... couldn't get the first part of the comment. Thanks. But you see I am a dud when it comes to such technological things.

Anonymous said...

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