What's going on?

I have no idea. Really. I have been ranting and raving and saying things which make no meaning.
I am upset. And I don't know about what.

So I just ravished a huge bowl of Chicken Biryani. It did do its part. Make me feel a bit more human. But I have been wondering. It's amazing how one thing/ incident/ person, affects me so that I start tainting others with it. And that is so frigging unfair I know. Yet I have been doing it. Saying a whole lot of hurtful things to my guy.

I know none of what happened is his fault -- whatsoever. I have been however absolutely mean to him in saying certain things which I did not mean from the core of my heart.

I never knew I had so weaknesses till now. It's a bit scary. It puts me in mind of those lines from the Abba song 'Lay all your love on me':

I still don't know what you've done with me
A grown-up woman should never fall so easily
I feel a kind of fear
When I don't have you near

To top it all, a sore throat is on its way to bring me down.

And I am such a cribber. What will come of me?


Sonia said...

hey, don't worry, things'll be fine for you! :o)
This is just a little lover's spat! and the melodramatic bong in you makes things seems worse than they are! ;P

AB said...

I wish! I know. Me being just very cranky!:O

fishbowl said...

abba seems to have a line for so many everythings.
Cheer up you

AB said...

Fishbowl: I agree! I have already:)

backpacker said...