So the seconds went by

Happiness is so transient. Just when you think that something good is finally happening to you, the kind that you hear happens to others, it all ends with a bang. But this I have come to believe from this particularly mind numbing experience that please do not take away from anyone her right to truth.

It makes you wonder whether you can take anyone at face value ever again.

Actually, I just met someone. I had not previously, but I had seen his snaps. For two weeks I kept talking to him on the phone. Daily conversations that would extend to 3 am. He said all the right things. Of course I waited for that toe-curling feeling that accompanied those calls.

And then I met him. He flew down from Bombay.

A brief recap of what took place that evening.

1. The moment I set my eyes upon him, I wanted to let it out: "Err...you are NOT the same person I have been talking to!" The pictures he had sent me must have belonged to his brother. This guy looked at least 40.

2. He was a pansy creature. Too pansy for my comfort.

3. He insulted a girl who was trying to promote some wine to us with the words: "Do you realise you are interrupting an intense conversation!" And let me tell you what the intense conversation was about -- it was about my level of inanity. I was horrified. Next a waiter while passing us by asked him if he wanted another round of drinks. He received no response. So I had to turn to the hapless waiter and say: "Sorry, I don't think he wants anything else." Was he classless!

I have been never so humiliated in my life as I was sitting in that beautiful restaurant-bar. Whenever I asked him a question, he would turn his head the other way, turn back to stare at me and then say nothing.

4. Apparently the fact that I had chosen to simply sip on a cranberry juice had put him off so much that he couldn't bear to order a drink for himself or talk to me at all. And even though he did eventually ask for his favourite tipple, he would not talk. Just stare at me.

I have never spent a more strained 2-hour rendezvous ever. To the point of desperately wishing that anyone, just anyone, would rescue me.

Disbelief, shock, numbness, sadness and an incredible surge of anger that made me want to throttle the guy -- a variety of emotions has been keeping me busy the last two days.

And right now I have one wish -- that I could press the delete button. On all of it.


First Rain said...

Eeew! Tough luck, there. How have you been doing?

AB said...

First Rain: You read all of it. That's how I have been doing.

shreya said...

Well big hug. Like I keep saying, one day you'll sit back and laugh at this day.

Grey Shades said...

And this too shall pass lady! {{{hugs}}}

Saltwater Blues said...

hmmm ... something similar happened to a girl i know recently. I hope her experience wasn't as bad though :)

thalassa_mikra said...

Ewwww, what a mannerless creepy jackass! Honestly, it sucks that you had to waste 2 weeks on him, but thank goodness it took you only 2 weeks to find out. AB hon, you're too polite, if it was me, I would have made up a wild story and walked off.

This is why all my friends have a rescue plan to get out of bad dates - they get a friend to call them on their cellphone 30 minutes into the date. If things aren't going well, she can pretend that her mom called and it's a family emergency and she has to leave ASAP. Tee hee!!

Saltwater Blues said...

... oh and just wanted to add: I sleep very late ;)

tight hug!

AB said...

Shreya: It's not that I am heartbroken you know. It is just that it feels horrible to be so gullible and having been made a fool of so easily.

AB said...

Grey Shades: I know it should. But it sucks nonetheless.

Swb: C'mmon hers couldn't have been like this!

And oh, I will remember the latter fact.
Thalassa Mikra: Really you are completely right. I have been doing what I always end up doing --think later, go over it again and again, and realise what all I could have done.

The things I have thought I could have done:

1. I obviously should have walked out the moment he started ignoring my questions by turning his face away.

2. I could have just slapped him for having duped me.

3. I really wish I could have de-dicked him with a pair of garden scissors(I know this is gross, but I can't help it).

The only sensible thing however I did that evening was to return home on my own. The last thing I would have wanted was to let him know where I stay!

Anonymous said...

Yikess! What an ass!
Seriously, what is hapening to the Indian Male Quotient?? Sigh.
**Hugs**- hoping you feel better after the virtual hug!

AB said...

Sunrayz: Oh I checked your blog and realised that you are taking a break. Do come back but.

Yes hugs, real and virtual, always help:)

First Rain said...

Ooops! Sorry if my comment ticked you off. Didn't mean to. Should've socked the guy in the jaw. Hope you are better now. Hugs.

AB said...

First Rain: No, no. You didn't. Relax. Thanks for the latter part though. Actually I should have socked him.

Candid Confessions said...

I have never had a blind date! And this incident ticks me off! Again and again Iv heard of such things! Nevertheless, Im glad u had to deal with this in 15 days and not later into your acquaintance! Smiles :)

AB said...

Candid confessions: Neither have I. Gone for a blind date ever. Technically speaking this was not one. But it turned out to be one.

And yes, the only consolation (if any) is that it happened at rocket speed.