Go West Where The Skies Are Blue

It's raining so hard. I wonder whether it will ever stop.

Inevitably I was caught outside, sulking at the stand, waiting for my bus. My saviour was my colleague P who happened to be passing by. As I scrambled in beside her, she said, "You don't how many jealous eyes followed you as you got into the car."

And now that I am in office tucking into a plate of puri and sabzi with great gusto, I am feeling all warm and happy. I guess it doesn't take much to feel happy. But then at times, those same little things seems so insignificant. Like yesterday evening I was happy for no reason whatsoever as I was walking down to the gym. But then I looked into the mirror in the gym and wanted to just disappear. An hour of cardio was showing in my trousers! Eeeks!

At that moment nothing seemed to matter but the fact that my part of my bums and the sides of my legs were wet. All I could do was bug gym friend S. Till at last she said it: "If you are uncomfortable, go home." That convinced me. Flinging my towel into the nearest basket I scampered out.

It was sweat. I know. Just sweat. So big deal. But the sight of it was mortifying.

And now I don't feel like going to gym today.


Candid Confessions said...

I totally dig that it doesnt take mush to feel happy!! and as abt the gym - I think there are ways to make it work -you could probably change into fresh clothes and leave! Gym works wonders on our minds when we are tired! You shouldn give up cos of this reason - Even for a day!

sinusoidally said...

Oh you are just looking for a reason not to go. I know coz I come up with many myself. Just suck it up, and GO. If you won't break your sweat in the gym where will you?! Maybe wear shorts next time.

AB said...

Candid confessions: No no don't worry I am not giving up the gym. I love it too much. It's just that I took a day's break:)

Sines: Now if you could see me post-work, you would realise that I obsess about running off to the gym;)

As for the shorts, it's a tough one. It would mean getting groped on the streets, since I don't own a car. Will stick to my boring old track pants and not veer the way of cotton trousers. Never!

Sonia said...

u lazy bum! get off ur ass and go to the gym! :P and wear black.

AB said...

Sonia: Yes, yes. I am.