The Have Tos

It is good to have less work to do once in a while. For example, sit and browse through blogs – blogs that talk about random stuff really, spout out quotes, recipes, fashion updates or put out individual pieces of life for you to share.

In doing so, I am re-discovering old passions that I have to rekindle.

The first thing I do next month is go and buy myself an oven. I have to, have to start baking. There is a rare joy in blending batter, tasting it raw, savouring the buttery flavour and then watching all of it swell to perfection in the warm insides of the oven. Baking eggs. Or grilling a piece of fish in lemon and butter and herbs. Oooh I am so kicked about it.

It’s been ages I have danced. Maybe it is time to re-join my jazz classes. And this time around maybe – just maybe – I could execute the most perfect pirouettes and those painful looking splits.

Spanish. I have to learn it. Love it somehow because of the simplicity with which I could pick it up from random online classes with a voice called Maria.

On another note, I have to build on my sari wardrobe it seems. Practically everyone around me is getting married and the only good sari I have is the one I bought for my own wedding. It is a beautiful mustard colour Benarasi sari with paisley motifs. I do not know if I will get to save it up for my own. The thought of it never fails to make me wistful, even though I know I shouldn’t dwell upon it.

Destiny is funny. I do believe in it. Because at times there is no way you can push things. They just happen or they do not.

But in the meantime, you just strive. Strive to find happiness in the small things in life and dream that one day you shall have it all.

As a Chinese proverb says: "If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come."


Sanjana said...

it is what it is chica.


AB said...

I wish it was a bit easier though!

Sanjana said...

i know re. i wish it was too.

zephyr said...

someone very imp just left town n went to chennai.. everyday i knw he is going further n further away emotionally.. sigh..
and the first thing i have decided to do now is learn SPANISH! HAHA.. i dnt see a connection but still! :)

and it felt good to see tht u want to learn as well.. wat are these online classes u tlking abt?

AB said...

Sanjana: :(

Zephyr: Sometimes things are so way out of our hands. No? It feels terrible watching everything rolling out, like literally from the sidelines!

Oh you know random Spanish classes online. The one I took was pretty good you know. If I find the link I shall send you:-)

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