I have finally found you. Or you found me. I don’t know which it is. But the one who seems to love me, understand me and kiss my three heads and make it all better.

So this is for you. If you are reading.

We met in a bar. Across a little pool of people, standing and sipping disinterestedly on a martini, a whisky, a vodka cocktail – whatever wooed them, in that dimly lit bar.

I saw you. A young boy (gets you worked up, I know sweetheart!) in shirt and trousers and oh so cute with this quiet, aloof air about him. You had come down for some sort of internship it seemed from somewhere in the States and I was kind of dating/meeting (don’t know how to describe it) another man.

It was one of those evenings where I seemed to know no one else except your and mine common friend. And I was starting to wish I was somewhere else. Then somehow we got talking. Exchanging notes on the band playing at the bar. Innocent little notes with no agenda I believe.

The evening wore on and said common friend took us to another pub. On the way she made me sit next to you in the front passenger seat. We chatted. I liked your smile. You kept cribbing about your mother’s ‘chick car’ – a cute hatchback – about it being not your style really. This time though I really enjoyed myself at the pub.

There were all my former colleagues at the place, dancing and snacking and drinking. I promptly joined in, in all the fun. Then I turned back when one of them asked me about you and found you standing alone. I wanted to be standing next to you. So I stood right where I wanted to be. I think somewhere that that was where it all started. This wonderful feeling that seems to be taking me places I never dreamt of going.

I remember how Carrie Bradshaw (you know the fabulous her from Sex and the City) took off on that word soulmate. ‘Two little words. One big concept. A belief that someone, somewhere, is holding the key to your heart. And your dreamhouse.’

And I cannot but help think of you.


Sonia said...

aww! mashallah!

fishbowl said...

:) The sweet beginning of love. Thank you for reminding me.

AB said...

Sonia: : )

Fishbowl: Awww thanks:)

Tintin said...

happy that u r getting the feel of finding a soul mate..wts happening on this front? any progress??wishing lot more happiness coming ur way..cheers

Saltwater Blues said...

Aila! Pyaar-vyaar ho gaya kya?

Belated birthday wishes A. Sorry I forgot yett again.

Much love.

sulagna chatterjee said...

:) touche`

PS: I guess this birthday must have been superb but none the less..loads of wishes from my end

AB said...

Tintin: It's the beginning...yet a lot of ups and downs. And thanks a tons for the wishes:)

SwB: Phunny Salty!:P But it's ok I shall overlook it this time:P

Sulagna: It was it was. Thanks you!:)

Divya said...

So cute :)

Divya said...

So cute :)

Scribbler :) said...

am so happy for u! God bless you both.