The Champagne Buzz...

is quite zzzz...I mean I am quite zonked out and happy. I just winded up the rather late evening with three gooey brownies and a cream-laden profiterole. And I was greedy enough to run back for a helping of the wedding cake.

I also think I am feeling the beginnings of a sore throat *note-sip on your favourite caramel cappuccino right from morning till noon*

But I am grinning as widely as a Cheshire Cat. Seven glasses of Champagne count, right? For once however I supplemented it with a generous helping of batter-fried chicken drumsticks done crisply to an oily perfection. They were balanced out by bland cheese and jalapeno croquettes.

It was colleague H's wedding reception at a farmhouse.

We entered early, so everything was pretty quiet. Made friends with the place and the people who were there (who happened to be the bar men) and settled down with our respective glasses.

For a while I remember subsequently gabbing away with Jabberwocky about books. It felt good. I wished randomly and suddenly that I had a library room here in my rented flat in Delhi as I have back home in Calcutta. I miss it.

Ok, but I am back. I have to be back. Living in a fool's paradise does not work.

The evening was beautiful. H was glowing and looking beautiful as she stood elegantly dressed in a cocktail dress and stood by her husband's side to usher us in. A slight breeze ruffled our hairs and dresses. Then this crooner and her guitar-strumming partner took their positions on the dais and turned the night into mush when they started on with their love songs.

I could close my eyes and see myself by the sea lying back on one of those lounge chairs, feel the salty taste on my lips and the cool breeze sweep through my being. Or slowly walking by that vast inky darkness. And I knew then as I have before that I have to have my wedding on a beach just like this. With music in the background and guests all chilled out. Not bothered about how heavily dressed they are, where is the sari from yadda yadda but how the evening promises to move ahead in a haze of happiness with dancing, drinking and eating.

Will I ever get it?


APOO said...

I think you will!

Avaran said...

oh ya, we know.... cyprus, isnt it? or ur willing to compromise on specifics? :D

and btw, did yr imitators stop after reading yr post? was it they who mailed?

AB said...

apoo: Hiya! I think I know this tall, dark, handsome and bald fella:D Or have I heard a LOT about him? Heh!

And amen to what you say...

avaran: Nope still Cyprus for me. Specifics are specifics mind you!

Well the fact that I expressed my feelings has not won me admirers. But I am comfortable with that.

Anonymous said...

ah, and soon, it'll be Cyprus calling? ;) was a wonderful evening. it was great meeting you and C.

Divya said...

Wow you do love the beach :) a beach wedding would be bliss... honest.. im a slightly less enthu version of u on this one :D

SMM said...

If you fdo plan to gte married on the beach go n for a red banarasi dress and a red benarasi sari :P

Sonia said...

of course you will! ooh! and maybe i'll play cupid! :D

AB said...

A: It eez you then! Zee lady whom Jabberwocky directed here:-) Welcome.

And Cyprus*sigh sigh sigh*

divya: I do. And a lime green and white villa by the sea. That's ALL I wish for:-)

smm: Oh sure. That was always on the agenda:P

sonia: Touche lady:D

raj said...

Beach, no hill stations any more. Champagne and beach go together perhaps.

zombie said...

Ab..the evening you described was just beautiful!! My sincerest wishes for you to get a wedding jes like this! A fren of mine infact got married in Vizag exactly in the same manner...they had good fun!

AB said...

zombie: Love ya! Thanks!:)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Salute!