Now that I am finally over with filing a cover story I think I am dying to do something random. So here I go responding to Male AB's tag.

Ten random things about myself

*I am a very, very lazy creature. When I was staying with S and E, my former flatmates, I had competition though. Serious competition. If anyone wanted anything done or even wanted to say something to one another, you could hear us shouting to each other from our respective beds. I miss them.

*I love doing different things. Since I was a wee thing I have been trying my hand at singing, drawing, dancing, swimming, yoga, tennis. Every time I would join something new, my brother would say -- AB goes swimming, AB goes dancing...I have covered pretty much in the way of entertainment. I am on my way to more -- having given up on Salsa and Jive for lack of a good partner -- I am thinking of joining Jazz classes now besides enrolling for Japanese classes and rejoining guitar and brushing up on my tennis lessons.

*I love getting drunk and then dancing my two feet out. I have been doing a lot of that of late. It rocks. My best memory of drunk dancing though was at Paradiso in Goa. Where I took off my high heels and danced on bare feet throughout the night with cute French stranger. Oh, it makes my toes curl!

*On certain weekends, I love nothing more than to sit at home. Order myself a lot of food, switch on the telly and then settle in front of it surrounded with a mountain of goodies. No amount of persuasion can make me step out on those days.

*I heart reading. When I was in school, I would read books, not my study books, in every possible place. I would even carry them to the bathroom with me and my mother would often wonder aloud as to what her daughter would do for two hours inside. The fault was hers really. She never let me read in peace in my room. She would always pounce on me and confiscate whatever I was reading.

*At one point, I wanted to become a detective. It was derived from my love for reading in a way. I mean not just reading Nancy Drews, The Three Investigators and the rest, but more from trying to recover those confiscated books from my mother’s secret hideouts.

*I have always liked walking. What I enjoy most is walking through woods, importantly not the bear and snake infested kinds.

*Dreaming up new ventures. I do a lot of that. One was to own a shack in Goa. To which extent I did all my research but somewhere along the way realized that I was way short of capital. Another idea, which I think is viable even now, is to sell churros and hot chocolate at Khan Market. Walk around in a maid’s dress with apron and all and sell them churros.

*I love packing a bag and setting off for somewhere. Which is why sometimes I wish I earned gallons of money. Otherwise I am content with what I have at the moment.

*I don't believe in religion. I think it has given a lot of grief to a lot of people. Including my own family. I want to wish it away.

Nine things I wish I wasn’t/didn’t

*Mull. You can say I am a thinker though not like in the good sense. I once met this old astrologer-holy man at my neighbour's when I was very young. He looked like Father Christmas. There was a mutual fondness there. He had told my mother that your daughter likes to think a lot. Sometimes unnecessarily. I think he was so right. I think about so many things and most of all of things that could have been.

*A bottomless pit. There are days on which I am akin to one. I even put my colleague AM, a big big eater, to shame. He has warned me that I might be suffering from an eating disorder.

*I still read Mills & Boons. In a way I am pretty sheepish about it. But I think I can read them even when I am 80!

*I can be very dense at times. I slip into my own world and you have to jolt me back.

*Keep shut. When I get bugged with someone, even though it is my closest friend, I clam up. I get all sentimental and I cannot for the life of me express myself. Really, why is it so difficult for the other person to understand what I am going through?


*Dine on chilly pepper popcorn every night.

*Fight. I need to curb my fighting instincts. I have suffered considerably. Hell, I even got slapped once.

*Behave badly with my parents. I don’t know why I do that. No, actually I do. My mother can drive me up the wall and over it with her admonishing. Every single day. Several times a day. Her favourite topics – her daughter remaining single at the age of 27, the same growing thinner by the day and her son who got married to a girl from another religion. My father happens to bears the brunt of my temper because I get to speak to him after my mother is over with her talks.

Eight things I’m wondering right now

*Will I get to gym today?

*Should I go for the khao suey at Kitchen or grilled chicken in piri piri sauce at Big Chill for dinner?

*What to gift my friend who is taking me out for her birthday dinner.

*Why do people bother to walk into my life when all they want to do is walk out.

*Why don’t I steer clear of such people? It’s like being a moth to the flame.

*Why I hate my job at times when it does give me free time like this to play Text Twirl on Facebook and generally respond to tags.

*What kind of questions is headed way from my editor.

*Why Rupa has sent a colleague bright yellow toffee boxes with Chetan Bhagat’s face on it. And guess what’s in it? Mango Bites and Melodys!

Seven things that cross my mind a lot

*Will I ever get the fairytale I promised myself when I was young?

*Will I ever get over certain people?

*How do I live out the next few days? (I am hugely broke)

Six things Id like to do before I die.

*Live life the way I want to. Umm…maybe I am already doing that!

*Get married on a beach in Cyprus.

*Bungee jump.

*Get to solve a murder case.

*Let my tongue hang in a tub of dark chocolate.

*Own a pretty, little bungalow with bay windows facing the sea and wake up every morning to the sound of the waves crashing against boulders.

Five turn on’s

*Knowing when to let silence speak out.

*You know your perfumes? I am sold on you.

*A fit body.

*An intelligent mind. Do not confuse it with an intellectual one though.

*Knowing how to deal with me when I am cranky.

Four Turn off’s

Oh the usual…


*Contrived accent.

*Lack of etiquette. Let me give you an instance. It just popped up in my mind as I thought of etiquette. I was once out on a date when the guy happened to talk to the waiter like he was a piece of nothing. That was the moment I mentally wished him far away from me.

*Meeting people who love themselves to the extent that the other person does not exist. I keep meeting them.

Three ways to win my heart

*Be patient with me.

*Buy me the usual girly things – dark chocolate, flowers, perfumes… I am easy to please!

*Treat people with the respect that is due to them.

Two smileys that describe me

:D The mischievous me

:-) The coy me

One confession

I cannot stand nincompoops who are in places where they are not fit to be in.

This was fun. If you like it, consider yourself tagged.


Divya said...

Why does the religion cause so much grief to family anyway? Isn't religion supposed to be (technically) a personal faith.. :S
My mom gets a lot of grief cos I keep saying I won't get married before I'm 30... I'm already have to bear arguemnts about that... Yeesh...
Oh and I can relate- a guy I liked once behaved so meanly to a lil beggar girl that I was totally turned off... you got it...
Yup.. I liked it... :)

AB said...

So do it:)

Religion does cause a whole lot of grief to my family. Especially since my sis-in-law is Muslim. Irt is personal faith really but you know the colours it takes on in our country! I hate it.

That is one thing I know what you are going through for sure. I hear that now everywhere. From pesky relatives too. Which is one big reason why I am glad I am far away from them. In Delhi.

Divya said...

Its queued.. :P
Oh man I would be in deep shit if I ended up with a Muslim! :S
And I'm just 19... Imagine the irritation.. Yeesh... Ya u must be under more pressure.. Tsk tsk...
And it's started... The relatives to bemoan I'm soo tall and they will hv trouble finding a taller guy than me... Yeesh!

SIM said...

Definately pick the khao suey at The Kitchen... its hard to come by. Whereas Big Chill's perennial piri piri will always remain the same.
The strangest things trigger our emotions sometimes. The constant nagging by parents and the intercaste marriage issue is something most of us face. Especially... and forgive me for saying this... but more so, if you are a girl.
On an unrelated note, I feel like I know you. Which could be partly due to the fact that we are from the same profession and you seem to be covering the same things I write about. Strange!

Divya said...

Done :)

sayoni said...

hahahahaha enjoyed reading that! Miss you too, Miss Lazybones. (Admit it, we each had our own area of expertise in the house!)

AB said...

Divya: You are 19! Sheesh! I am JEALOUS.

Why is it that I keep meeting younger people nowadays. Girls and boys both!

Sim: Well it was Khao Suey:P

Of course it is because I am a girl. It's the truth, so don't be sorry. One of those times when I feel I want to be a boy. I almost look like one by the way now after having had a real short hair cut:-)

Ah, well you never know. We might have met.

AB said...

Sayoni: Blog again na! I miss and you and Jay.

SIM said...

good choice. though I prefer the slightly more refined (read: overpriced) versions of the noodle meals at Blanco now. I got a real short haircut too, perfect for the weather! jeez, now I am really intrigued as to who you are.

Anonymous said...

so does a journalist get to actually pursue all this? like swimming, dancing and stuff.... (thats one thing that bothers me..)

and well, do people actually try to win your heart with chocolates and flowers and the like?


AB said...

Sim: I am sure now we must have met. Look out for a boy-girl now:) Oh by the way, I was planning to check out Blanco's free-home delivery option. They seem yum.

Ab: Of course yes she does. Why on earth would she not?

And yes, she does get them. But not from the people she would like to get them from:-X

Ab said...

uh well, i once went to the hindu office and it seemed people dropped into office only around 2.. and jimmy, who's on my blogroll, says he quite often comes home after midnight!

as in, is there something known as fixed work timing?

AB said...

ab: I cover lifestyle. So I work like between 11-6. And sometimes when there are events, then it gets late. But that's very infrequent right now that it's june:)

Divya said...

Oh it keeps happening to me... Running into older people I mean...
I used to have this theory.. At one point all the guys my age I knew were jackasses, and I started getting along famously with older guys. I figured the older guys were mentally my age and my age guys were like mentally 12... Hence... :P they were not overjoyed at the revelation :D

AB said...

Divya: LOL. Older guys seem to be a turn-on for me too but there hardly seems to be any eligible ones around.

Let me say this that it is scary when you meet GUYS younger than you and you also date them! The youngest I went on a date with happened to be a 22-year-old. I don't know how I could but I did:-X

Divya said...

Hey deficiency of double standards should hardly bother you... :P

mad angles said...

haha, i'm doing the tag.
and of all the to-dos on your list, i must confess, i didn't know "solving a murder" firugred. eep.


AB said...

Divya: They have in a way stopped bothering me at all. I guess you thus live and learn:-)

Mad Angles: So you discover!:D

Divya said...

I'm on your list of blogs you read??

AB said...

Divya: I am too at your reaction:-)

Toe Knee said...

Will the 'ab' who comments on AB's blog please change his/her name. It's very confusing. How about changing your username to ab1?

Sonia said...

hmm... your confession wasn'treally all that much of a confession. it should be something a lot more candid and scandalous i think! :D

AB said...

Toe knee: :)

Sonia: Ahem...You don't to what frenzy it drives me! And consider yourself tagged:P

Ab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abraham said...

#toe knee

use yr brains, for a change!!!! na, chumma, jus joking... oops, chumma means 'simply' in malayalam... :D anyways... yeah, i could but everybody else in the blog world knows me as ab.. and though i occasionally change to other names like avaran and all, it doesnt have the same effect! ah, lets see..

one, Male AB doesnt sound great, and so, im not addressing you as the female ab...
and two, and the reason why i came here jus now... im reading the prisoner of birth, and watever opinion i had of the author is washed away.. he simply is the BEST!

and im th one who deleted last comment.... im influenced by toe knees, see!!!

sinusoidally said...


I will be in Delhi in 3 weeks...if you are around would love to meet you! Let me know what you think...

AB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Your's Truly said...

Tumbling stumbling hit your blog..

It has got quite a stickiness, I must say. I don't have a real blog, I mean I don't publish what I keep pouring out on my keyboard.(it invariably gets personal, and I am too high-headed to maintain anonymity!) But couldn't miss the similarities that I see in most of us compulsive writers, (now you may not have mentioned some of them explicitly, but you know about vibes?) -

1. Single or in an uncertain relationship.
2. Think too much. Rather, take it too hard on themselves.
3. Innate desire to find goodness in everything and everyone.
4. Analyse everything and everyone, including themselves, to their darkest corners, without any cognitive inhibition.
5. Happiest, when they can make others happy.
6. Crazily Passionate. And passion for food is common across!
7. Suffer from the irrepressible desire to express themselves. In large number of cases, they write well, because they think too much, and every medium of expression needs a touch of artfulness. And every art needs social exposure to survive - so they blog.
8. Last but not the least - They are what I have put them down here as, but time and again, they think about those who do NOT think that much, do NOT have the artfulness of words, do NOT complicate things, and wonder if one day they could be as free mentally as those incompetent nincompoops who don't have any desires to desire more from life - and watch the sun come up one morning, in all it's beauty, and not think of that sunrise as another finely composed post, or another beautiful photograph!

(How many of you relate this freedom from your chaotic mental chaos to point 1, or rather getting rid of it? :)