Come sing along with me

*Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay, um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay
Supercalifragilistic expialidocious...*


Remember those early school days when you could sing it out loud with your classmates? Maybe because you loved watching Mary Poppins over and over again *sigh* When life was kind of uni-dimensional. Getting hold of that bottle of grandma's tamarind pickle and slipping under the bed and finishing it off. Sneaking off your brother's share of Toblerones, Aeros and Mars and eating them till you felt sick and having to finally throw half a bar of Toblerone. Why? For if you got caught with one of them, the spanking would be bad. Anyway you would have gobbled them up by then.

Reminiscing does make one feel so happy. What at the time seemed particularly heartbreaking and sad suddenly seems to make one laugh in retrospection.

Back to the present, the world has suddenly shrunk.

The office has shifted. To a place where we don't need intercoms. We're all within hollering distance or should I say whispering distance of each other. But all my friends are around me, so I am happy. The room is very peppily done up in orange and lime yellow. There's a canteen here -- yippee -- that has food cooked by guys who have broken away from the Andhra Bhavan canteen. If I sound overtly excited, it's because our earlier office had a small pantry which sold only soggy samosas and kachodis.

The list in the canteen is runs long. It serves hot and spicy fried chicken cooked Andhra-style, chicken biryani, upma, dosa, idli, yadda, yadda. So we have been taking frequent food breaks, gorging on syrupy bread halwa and daal vadas along with filter coffee.

Life is pretty yummy and rummy at the moment.


First Rain said...

ooohhhh andhra bhawan! Sigh! Sigh! You had to mention this now when I am having to cook my food mornin, noon n nite :O Da memories do bring a smile though - and I suddenly feel hungry too. :D

Essar said...

ARE U KIDDING ME???????? It's the Andra Bhavan fellows? Ok I'm soo paying you and Niki a visit :D

AB said...

First rain: I can make up for this grave oversight by treating to a sumptuous lunch at the canteen here.

Essar: YOu must. But it is not air conditioned. So beware:D

AB said...

First rain: Treating you I meant:)

First Rain said...

I wish I could .. .I so wish I could come right away!! :(

AB said...

First rain: What's stopping you? Exams?