When I want it, I really want it

I had a KFC attack yesterday. So after a satisfying evening of lingerie shopping and dinner at McDonald's, during which we happened to talk about the KFC outlet in Calcutta, I was craving for some KFC-style chicken. The attack was serious. I couldn't get past it. Now Delhi doesn't have a KFC damn it). So the least I could do was call up Slice of Italy at 11. The conversation went like this:

Slice Guy: What would you like today ma'am?

Me: Chicken wings. Now you have two types. One I had last time. It was really bad you know. Soggy and dripping with sauce.

SG (started checking his records): But the last time you had a pollo risotto.

Me: No I mean last to last time, maybe before that. But I need some KFC style chicken. Please.

SG: Ok (pause) you can try out the spicy chicken wings.

Me: But I want it done up well. Like baked very nicely.

From the next room S who was on the phone kept saying, "I can hear what you are saying. God!"

The chicken arrived sometime before midnight. I was happy. The chicken was not bad. Not ala KFC but definitely a big improvement on the chicken wings I had last time from Slice. So I finished reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi along with a box of chicken wings by my side. It was bliss.


Essar said...

Ok, I hate to do this to you but I had some KFC on Tuesday night!

eM said...

You've been eating a lot haven't you? ;)
Oooooh, now I want chicken. Chicken, chicken, chicken---crisp and fresh and batter fried.. mmmmm

AB said...

Essar: But how?

eM: Oh great I have somebody hooked on. Yay! Oh and what's the gym for?;)

Vignesh said...

Strange different post from the previous.

Roasty as compared to froasty.

The last time I had a burger craving and I tried to make burgers at home, was the time I learnt to NOT give into such cravings.

Which is what I have again now, thanks to all that talk of KFC. Damn you !

Essar said...

Well this friend of mine has come from Colombo and got a huge pack of KFC. You can draw some cold solace from the fact that it was cold and soggy ;)

Jay said...

Whaddaya mean there's no KFC in Delhi? How can there be no KFC in any city on earth?

That's almost like saying there's no Starbuck in every street corner!

BTW, you are a nightmare customer. Omigod, is that how you order chicken?!

Penny Lane said...

There's no KFC in Madras either... in fact there's no McDonalds or Burger King or Subway or anything... in the old days we had Wimpy's though :)

First Rain said...

I remember when KFC did open in Delhi for a very short period of time - they had this eat all you can for Rs 100 on every Tuesday - because some brilliant marketing chap had figured out that Indians suddenly loose the taste for chicken on Tuesdays. What they had not banked on was our college which was pretty nearby! We used to go without food in the hostel on Monday night sometimes - the result - KFC closed down within a few months!

*Eeeeks ... don't look at me threateningly ... I had nothing to do with KFC's closure*

Saltwater Blues said...

but you know A, the KFC in India is dogshit compared to the KFC you get abroad! Same goes for Pizza Hut and McDonalds!

PS: thanks for not having word verification on your comments :)

Saltwater Blues said...
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Saltwater Blues said...

... and why is buying underwear always such a 'satisfying' experience for you girls? lol

we men miss out on so much, yes?

Rat said...

@ Penny !! Hello there is Subway in Madras now. But yeah we can do with a KFC. I love the zinger burger.

motheater said...

I was not on the phone!! I was trying to SLEEP
And you're really happy about the lingerie aren't you?

AB said...

Vignesh: (Angelic smile) So what are you doing about it?

Essar: I wouldn't mind them cold and soggy. What is the thing called microwave for hun?

Jay: Can you imagine NO KFC??? But thank god, now that I am going back home I can eat a bucket of KFC:) Well, if you had a slice of Slice of Italy's chicken wings you would be equally fussy, you know.

Penny: The times they are changing Penny. See as Rat says now you have a Subway. But how can it not have Mc Donald's? Actually on second thoughts, Calcutta still doesn't have one. And the Wimpy's in Delhi is so bad I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.

First Rain: You naughty you! Now I know better;) But that was a cool deal. How much did you manage in one go?

Saltwater: I have never had it in India. All my memories are of childhood only. The one in Calcutta opened recently.

There's a saying in Bengali: 'Nai mamar cheye kana mama bhalo'. That would translate into 'It's better to have a blind maternal uncle than none'.

And yeah you men do miss out on the 'satisfying' experience;)

Rat: Let's make a deal with KFC. We can be their franchisees in Delhi and Madras. Wot say?

AB said...

motheater: Yeah I am very babe. But you were on the phone while I was making the order. I remember you calling me and saying, I can hear everything you are saying even though I am on the phone.

AB said...

And it does seem that KFC has its loyal few:)

Vignesh said...

What did I do about it ? Why, I went to KFC last night for dinner my dear ! Yummylicious !! :)

And yeah, I would have hardly suspect a post on KFC to garner so much interest.

And I have to ask, what 'satisfying' experience at KFC (or elsewhere for that matter) are we men missing out on ? ;)

AB said...

Vignesh: This is really not fair! Damn damn damn!

'Satisfying', froasty, referred not to KFC. Does that suffice?

Vignesh said...

Nope. Details, baby, details.

vAgue said...

i am veg but you still made that sond like bliss (food and reading, not the chiken per se!)

AB said...

Vignesh: Lingerie. Now that has to suffice:)

Vague: Ya nothing beats it. Lying on the bed and munching on something while reading a book.

Vignesh said...

Hot damn ! And you think that will 'suffice' ?!?!

Now is when I say, with more enthusiasm than ever before - Details, baby, details !!!!


AB said...

Vignesh: Naughty boy!

Vignesh said...

I demand that the next post title be - Lingering in the lingerie store.

Or some such.


AB said...


couchpotato said...

Sorry for yelling! ;)

n.g. said...

ahhh delhi. this was my first trip to delhi where the weather didnt dissapoint. gloomy, cloudy, rainy, breezy, awesome. i actually didnt want to come back, surprised myself.

Gamesmaster G9 said...

Ahem. Did you know that your blog links to a porn site? In case you didn't, please note that my blog is no longer at beer-quiche, but has moved to http://ex-post.blogspot.com

(Trust me, you don't want to know)

AB said...

Couchpotato: Now you know what I felt like that KFC attack night:)

Nish: You are in Delhi? Let's meet up. You lived here before?

Gamesmaster: Oh you are talking about postmodern courtesan. Well, I first came across her through Jay's links. And I liked the writing:) I was wondering about the link which didn't show your blog anymore.

And what do I don't want to know? Confused.

Gamesmaster G9 said...

The story of how I became obsessed with Demi Moore and her ilk.

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Tan said...

Btw, did you know that a new KFC outlet just opened in Delhi??

Anonymous said...

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