Embarrassments and extravagance

This has happened now twice in a row. It is embarrassing. Actually, come to think of it, I think strange situations dog me.

The other day I was trying to get in touch with cricket commentator
Charu Sharma on his mobile. It was unreachable. So the next day I tried my luck. And I was bamboozled. A female voice answered the call. In a very professional voice I asked for Charu. What she said nearly made me fall off my chair. "Is this you A?"

It was my colleague who has taken a transfer to Bangalore. And all the time she was biting her nails, thinking the dragon was trying to call her. "Trust you to do such a thing," she said.

Next day. Very confidently I pressed the entry for Mandira on my cell phone. On the first ring, she took the call, "Hi, ya I have your number saved A. So I knew it was you." My reaction: "Thank god (because she does not answer calls usually from unknown nos.) My photographer is trying to get in touch with you for the shoot." Mandira: "What???" There again, I had done it. I had called Mandira Nayyar from The Hindu instead of actor-commentator Mandira Bedi. But some good came out of it after all. She invited me for an event at the Women Press Corps next Saturday.

The bibliophile in me is getting the better of the self, which is trying to scrounge around and make some savings. In a matter of a few days, I have eight books on my rack. The first four books were from a bookstore sale. I had gone with the intention of raiding the whole shop. The stars were not in my favour. The discounts were as measly as 15-20%. So I spent quite some amount at a go. I have been casting admiring looks at them since.

Well, I was feeling oh-so-smug with my exploits. Till I was dealt a cruel blow. S walked in the other night with a beaming face and six new Penguin books for a mere Rs 200.

Yesterday I happened to wander into the bookshop at Janpath. Of course I came out laden with four books. This time I bought classics. The House of Seven Gables, Madame Bovary, She and Three Men in a Boat (The last one saw a delighted expression on E's face).

A solemn promise. No more straying into bookshops. It's time to head for The Shoe Garage.


Mangs said...

I didn't understand Charu bit. Say?

motheater said...

Hello. You went to TSF without me???? I went to the Saket bookstore and blew a lot of money so you can feel smug again.

eM said...

Everyone's bookshopping these days, I think! Luckily, I get them for free :) If you want any, let me know, my shelves are already spilling over and we have double copies, my mum and I.

Jay said...

Do you have charity shops in India? In London you can find some amazing stuff in these places. I have stacks of books that I still haven't read, but bought simply because they were so cheap! -giddy greedy giggle-

AB said...

mangs: Well I was trying to call Charu Sharma. But the number was actually my colleague's

motheater: No I am waiting for you:)

eM: I will hold you to that one. Now I have an incentive to bump into you more often (cheesy grin)

Jay: All we have is charity boxes that we drop some coins in before leaving the shops

eM said...

Aww.. and I thought you hung out with me for my brilliant company and razor-sharp wit :(

AB said...

eM: Till now!

Anonymous said...

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